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Mission and Vision

We created Dallas Center for Mindfulness and Compassion to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all people in North Texas who wish to engage in the practices of mindfulness and meditation.

This is a space to meet people who are exploring those practices - whether just beginning or already well on their way. Here, different teachers bring classes, courses and workshops. People join to meet and learn from the teachers, and also to meet each other and take strength and comfort in each other’s practice and experience.


Founding Board and Teachers

Christiane Baud


Michael LaValle


Charles Penot


Alfred Wishart

Board member and Teacher

Dale Jensen


Tracy McShan

Board Member and Teacher

Janet Sandman


For Teachers

By joining the Center as a teacher, you will join a vibrant community of teachers; you will also gain access to prospective students.  As we move into a physical space (expected in 2023), we will offer teachers a spacious, clean, accessible, and inviting space to conduct classes and workshops.

We welcome your application to offer classes or workshops in various modalities. Let us know what you teach and what format you prefer. Contact us.