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The Dallas Center for Mindfulness and Compassion (DCMC) provides a safe and welcoming environment for all people in North Texas who wish to engage in the practices of mindfulness and meditation. This is a space to meet people who are exploring those practices - whether just beginning or already well on their way.

All teachings at DCMC are offered in support of your psychological wellbeing, healing, growth and inner development. Different teachers facilitate classes, courses and workshops for our community. The teachers at DCMC are informed by contemporary psychological theories and practices and are primarily secular in their approach.  We encourage you to choose or maintain your own belief system as you engage and grow in the practice.


DCMC welcomes people from a wide range of economic circumstances. Some of our programs are donation-based, others have a set-price base fee. Please contact us if you are experiencing financial hardship and need reduced cost options.

We are a 501(c)3 organizations, and all donations other than base fees are tax-deductible.

Join us to meet and learn from the teachers, meet other community members and take strength and comfort in each other’s practice and experience.

What we teach

The Dallas Centre for Mindfulness & Compassion teaches the practice of mindfulness, in an accessible and inclusive way.

Mindfulness is the act of training your mind to be present and aware of what is going on in the present moment. It allows you to examine your thoughts, feelings, and experiences without judgement.

Mindfulness meditation helps you develop the skill of observing your thoughts from a space of non-judgemental acceptance. By being present rather than judging, you can develop greater self-awareness that can lead to greater peace and happiness in life.



Our programs and classes teach the practice of:

  • Attention training - through meditation practice you can learn to hold your attention
  • Awareness training - mindfulness practice creates greater awareness which helps you to live in the present moment
  • Practising kindness - through kindness and an open heart you can transform the way you see and respond to others
  • Practicing self-compassion - practicing self-compassion enables you to see yourself differently and overcome feelings of guilt and shame

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Our Board and Teachers

Christiane Baud

President and teacher

Michael LaValle

Vice-president and teacher

Charles Penot


Alfred Wishart

Board member and Teacher

Dale Jensen


Tracy McShan

Board Member and Teacher

Janet Sandman


Teach with us

By joining the Center as a teacher, you will join a vibrant community of teachers; you will also gain access to prospective students.

We welcome your application to offer classes or workshops in various modalities. Let us know what you teach and what format you prefer.

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