Evening communal meditation

Evening communal meditation

Reflection: Is there hope?

with Michael LaValle 

Monday, February 20, 6:30 - 7:30pm


Here we are in the midst of winter. The days are shorter and darker. For many of us, it can feel as if our minds and hearts are a bit darker as well as we face many challenges that make it hard to see a good way forward. Political acrimony, mass shootings, racism and religious intolerance, the economic fallout from a global pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the threat of climate disaster can all feel overwhelming some (or a lot) of the time.  It is easy to fall into moments of despair.

Yet the great wisdom traditions all point to hope as the antidote to the cynicism that can arise in the face of so much suffering human beings inflict on one another. Is authentic hope for a better future possible? We are trained in mindfulness to be present to how things are. So, how does hope emerge from awareness of these difficult realities? And what does meditation have to do with hope? (Spoiler alert: Everything!!)

Please join Michael on-line for a short talk and the opportunity to practice together.

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