MSC International Teachers

Instructors in the International Mindful Self-Compassion course

Alfie Wishart from Dallas, USA; Teoni Camargo from Brazil; and Jorge Nunes from Portugal

Alfie Wishart  

Alfie is a long-time meditator and a therapist in private practice in Dallas, a licensed LPC, LCDC and a CRC. He is a Certified Teacher in MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and a Trained Teacher in MSC (Mindful Self-compassion) and MFY (Making Friends with Yourself, a program for adolescents) through the UC San Diego medical school, and a member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.

He operates from the belief that as the world in which we live becomes evermore stressful, our ability to maintain a healthy equilibrium becomes all the more important.

His practice is informed by the principles of Positive Psychology, MBSR, MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy), and MSC to help clients address and work through shame, trauma, substance abuse, codependence, crises of faith, anger, anxiety, depression, and related mental health and relational issues. He works with adolescents, adults, and couples.

Teoni Camargo

Carrying with within her a mix of cultures and colors of the world: African, Indigenous, Asian and European ancestries, Teoni grew up in Brazil, lived in different countries and currently is based in Switzerland.

10 years ago, she left the world of finance to become a Mindfulness Facilitator inspired by the results of her own practice.

She is a certified IMTA (International Mindfulness Teacher Association) Member, a Trained Teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) and Certified Positive Psychology’s Practitioner.

At this moment, she spends most of her time reflecting about how to develop mindful-compassionate tools to promote Cultural Humility among different populations and within Organizations.

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Jorge Nunes

Jorge Nunes is a Mindful Self Compassion Trained Teacher by the Center for Mindful Self Compassion (University of San Diego (CA) since 2018, path he embraced in a full hearted way after twenty years working in the financial industry.

Mindfulness brought him awareness to life's impermanence, self-compassion brought awareness about his self-critic's harshness and the resources to change the inner discourse, becoming more self-compassionate. He strongly believes this is the way to change the way humanity tells its own story: becoming less blaming and more compassionate, creating awareness of our own imperfection and the space to embrace it.
He is also an enthusiastic imperfect life apprentice!

Susan Gitau(PhD)

Susan Gitau is a member of Centre for Mindful Self Compassion (CMSC), California, USA and currently working under the mentorship of MSC co-founder Chris Germer (PhD) after training in both Intensive MSC and the MSC teacher training courses. She is an accredited Counseling Practitioner and Clinical Senior Supervisor with the Kenya Counseling & Psychological Association (KCPA), member Kenya Guidance & Counseling Psychologists Association (KGCPA), a lecturer at Africa Nazarene University and a consultant lead trainer with International Professional Counselors Centre registered with National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) a government body that regulates vocational and technical based training in Kenya. She is the founder Susan Gitau Counseling Foundation (SGCF), a registered non - profit making organization that conducts capacity building, coaching and mentorship for students in counseling and provides professional development training and clinical supervision for practicing counselors in Kenya. She is the director Africana College of Professionals where she trains Mindful Self Compassion in trauma healing and peace building.

She is also the lead translator for the MSC Guide (Swahili Language - East African Official Language)


Susan will be assisting and monitoring the program as a counsellor for the KCPA (Kenya Counseling & Psychological Association) for future MSC based programs in Kenya.